On a scale of 1-10, how wrong would it be for me to do this to a guy I just started dating?
2015-08-04 14:57:17 UTC
I met a guy on a dating website a few months back. I let him know I was only looking for an exclusive relationship and he said he would be more than happy to be exclusive. I could tell he wanted to be intimate fairly quickly and quickly told him although I'm not a prude, I want to go on a handful of dates and know him better.

However, my intuition says there's something off. I since deleted my online profile since I met him, but have been secretly watching to see if he took his down. He hasn't. In fact, I notice some words were re-arranged on his profile within the past few days, so it was updated.

I feel like he's playing sweet to me to get into my panties. Normally, I'm a direct person and would just ask, "hey,why's your profile still up?" However... a part of me doesn't want to give him wiggle room -he's a good talker. I want to create a fake profile and message him to see if he responds. I want to catch him red handed. If he responds positively to the fake profile, I'll simply leave him and wouldn't even bother telling him what I did.

On one hand, I feel like it's EXTREMELY wrong to do... on the other hand... I'd love to catch him red handed and spare wasted time with him. Thoughts?
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2015-08-04 15:06:57 UTC
On a scale of 1-10, probably a 3, but I would probably do it because some guys just only care about sex. If you do it and he doesn't respond, it'll be a funny anecdote in the future! If he does, then you won't have wasted your time and will have more time to find someone new :)
2015-08-05 01:35:02 UTC
It's very wrong

Unless you have both sat down like ADULTS and agreed that you are now in an exclusive relationship it's wrong. People use dating sites to find lots of people to date. Unless you have both agreed that it's exclusive and you are deleting your profiles you have no right to expect anything or snoop on him

Instead of playing games, sit down with him, tell him how you feel, ask if he's ready for the two of you to be exclusive, and then both of you go online and watch each other delete your dating profiles. Until you have both had this discussion and both agree you are being really unfair and immature
2015-08-04 15:07:04 UTC
Haahh. I've done this.

I made a fake profile but I didn't put pictures on it because pictures are tricky when faking.

I put on my profile I was just looking for "fun" (which is a good reason for not putting a profile picture up, incase anyone recognises you, wink wink)

Then I messaged him and he replied, he was my boyfriend for a month, Facebook official and everything. Safe to say I broke up with him and a year later I'm very happy with someone I met offline :)

So... I'd say this isn't a very bad thing to do because it gives you answers.
2015-08-04 15:01:35 UTC
I don't know if it is really wrong. A female friend of mine did just that, made a profile no photo. And the guy she thought was liking her after a few dates sent this "new" woman email. Don't jump right into bed with any guy. You should get to know a person first. There is just to much at stake including your health.
2015-08-04 15:01:27 UTC
Its the kind of thing I'd do if I were the opposite gender and I'd have great fun doing it. But what proof do you have that he just wants sex? I'd leave it for a while, but if things get suspicious, give it a go.
2015-08-04 15:07:03 UTC
Make the fake profile.....if he is playing dirty play it back.

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